Roro vessel boosts environmental credentials


DFDS has made a move to environmental cleanliness by coating the underwater hull of the roro vessel Magnolia Seaways was coated with fully non-toxic hard coating Ecospeed.

The non-toxic coating is also easy washable and will keep the hull smooth for the service life of the vessel with minimal repair and no replacement. During the same drydock visit in Gdansk the ship’s rudder was treated with the companion Ecoshield coating, designed specifically to protect underwater gear against cavitation and corrosion damage.

The 200-meter roro vessel is currently sailing a fixed Ghent-Gothenburg-Immingham route and is owned by DFDS, a company that takes its environmental responsibility very seriously. “DFDS is committed to reducing its energy consumption and impact on the environment by improving its operations and activities on an ongoing basis. Our environmental work is therefore focused on reducing emissions from ships, as well as on developing and implementing new environmental technology for use at sea.”

Ecospeed ties in perfectly with the ecological ideas of DFDS. Independent research proved that the coating is 100% non-toxic and that there is no negative effect on the water quality or the marine environment at any point of its use. The emission of massive amounts of VOC and zinc anodes associated with conventional coating systems is reduced to almost zero.


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