Michael Hansen, Chief Commercial Officer explains how Hempel is going to meet customer sustainability targets


Much has been said and written about the consequences of COVID-19. They have been, and still are, severe for the global marine industry. I will not go into detail about the present COVID-19 situation. However, I am certain that we will overcome this virus, and therefore I would rather focus on what we at Hempel are 100 per cent sure will be an instrument and a premise for a great, healthy and profitable future for the marine industry: sustainability. By Michael Hansen, Chief Commercial Officer at Hempel A/S

At Hempel, sustainability is at the very top of our agenda. We care and are committed to run our business in a way that contributes to solving some of the most pressing challenges in the world today. Naturally, we aim to reduce our own footprint, but more importantly we enable our customers to achieve their sustainability targets.

No doubt – sustainability will be a key driver for innovation and optimisation of the shipping industry for years to come. We expect more and more shipowners to invest in proven technologies that increase fuel efficiency and limit CO2 emissions. As fuel is the number one expense for most ocean-going vessels, any reduction in fuel use will have a significant dual benefit for vessel owners: sizeable savings and considerably lower impact on the environment.

Read the full article in the latest issue of PCE International’s sister magazine DryDock, along with an interview with Jean-Michel R Gauthier: Managing Director, Global Marine, Protective and Yacht coatings, AkzoNobel and another comment piece from Tom Molenda, Global Director-Marine Coatings at PPG.


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