The latest issue of PCE-International is now live

Mar 10, 2021 | Featured Article, News

The latest issue of PCE-International is now online

In Lifting the Lid Lars Peterssen, Hempel Group President & CEO, lays down the timeframe and path for how Hempel can contribute to a brighter future with sustainable coating solutions

Spotlight features extreme spraying in the Antarctic put Graco equipment to the test in the harshest of conditions

In Focus highlights how a poor paint finish could cost €1 million per micron, Steelpaint reinvents MCPU technology and extends its life for the next decades to come, and we conclude by Safinah taking a look at the evolution of antifouling technologies and how the latest solutions really perform

Analysis sheds a light on the dark art of managing ageing oil & gas industry assets, the importance of insulating equipment against CUI, and a CUI solution for ageing plants in the form of Thermal Sprayed Aluminium

Update sees a golden gate upgrade in Regent’s Park, London and a water-based coating used to maintain crude oil storage tanks in the Bay of Muggia, Trieste

Review looks at a solution for improving corrosion and wear resistance and reducing the frictional coefficient for critical OEM components used in oilfields

The News features the latest products, appointments and industry news

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