A classic tractor restoration

Nov 30, 2023 | Featured Article, News

Classic Vintage Tractor Restorations, known for their exceptional craftsmanship in restoring vintage agricultural machinery, have proudly unveiled their latest masterpiece – a stunning restoration of a red Massey Ferguson 35X Multi-Power tractor. This remarkable restoration was made possible with the help of HMG Paints’ Acrythane SC601.

James Cardus, the skilled artisan behind Classic Vintage Tractor Restorations along with his painter Peter, revived this classic tractor, breathing new life into an iconic piece of agricultural history. With a rich history and a passionate following, the Massey Ferguson 35X tractor deserved nothing but the best in its restoration journey.

“We have been using HMG Acrythane SC601 for many years now and are extremely happy with the excellent finish it produces as standard,” commented Cardus. “Even more so, our customers love the finish and happy customers are the most important thing for us.”

The red Massey Ferguson 35X Multi-Power tractor painted with HMG Paints' Acrythane SC601

The red Massey Ferguson 35X Multi-Power tractor painted with HMG Paints’ Acrythane SC601

Striking finish

Acrythane SC601 is a high solids 2K acrylic cured with isocyanate hardener, known for its outstanding properties, including rapid drying and simplicity of use. The tractor’s striking finish and exceptional durability were made possible thanks to this popular paint product which is ideal for the ACE (Agricultural and Construction Equipment) and restoration marketplaces.

Not only does Acrythane SC601 provide an impeccable finish, but it also offers excellent protection against harsh weather conditions and atmospheric pollution. Its resilience ensures that the red Massey Ferguson 35X will retain its beauty and functionality for years to come.

Available in a wide range of sheen level and colours, including 2,400 in the ColourBase Colour Box along with other Fleet, RAL & BS and automotive shades, it empowers craftsmen like James Cardus to bring their visions to life with precision and perfection.

“It’s wonderful to see our paint being used on projects like this and brilliant to see the engagement on social media about the project,” says Paddy Dyson, HMG Paints Marketing Manager. “To receive over 7,000 likes on the teaser picture of the painted bonnet shows just how amazing this project was and passionate the restoration community is. The work James and his painter Peter have done is testament to their attention to detail and we’re delighted he chose Acrythane SC601 as his topcoat of choice.”

A red Massey Ferguson 35X Multi-Power tractor

The tractor’s striking finish and exceptional durability were made possible with Acrythane SC601

Classic Vintage Tractor Restorations has garnered a substantial following on social media, with a popular Facebook page and a YouTube channel where enthusiasts can witness the transformation of iconic machines like the red Massey Ferguson 35X and other famous brands including County, David Brown, Ford and more. In fact, they even restored a blue County 1474 which went on to be sold for £200,000 at auction and was described in the auction catalogue as ‘arguably be one of the best County 1474 restorations ever completed’.

A blue County 1474

A restored blue County 1474 went on to be sold for £200,000 at auction