Protective Coatings Training

Nov 18, 2021


The coatings industry is calling for clear, industry-approved Standards that help to ensure higher-quality coating installations. The consistent application of these standards is key, and this begins with training. The Corrodere Academy has responded to this need with a commitment to leading the way in improved protective coatings training and making it accessible to all.

The Corrodere Academy is constantly updating and improving its training material in line with industry standards and prides itself in developing new courses in response to industry and market demands.

protective coatings training


How can companies and the industry reap the benefits of training?

  • A highly trained team produces a better quality coatings application from the start, which reduces the risk of costly re-work.
  • Training mitigates any unsafe behaviours and accidents on-site.
  • Greater labour and cost efficiencies can also be achieved through training.
  • Reduce waste and increase the longevity of application equipment through proper use and maintenance.
  • Effective training results in increased confidence and self-esteem throughout the workforce.
  • Raise the bar for your company showing the importance of professionalism, skill, safety and efficiency, while promoting confidence and a competitive edge.

Train the painter

Train the painter is the world’s leading industry-recognised and fully accredited Industrial Coating Applicator Training Programme.

train the painter


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