Hempel inaugurates state-of-the-art production facilities in China

Sep 22, 2023 | Featured Article, News

Responding to increasing demands for innovative coating solutions, Hempel’s new state-of-the-art production facilities in Zhangjiagang substantially enhance capacity to better serve Marine, Energy and Infrastructure customers.

Three years after announcing plans to invest in two new production facilities in China, Hempel today brings the Zhangjiagang site online to begin servicing customers in the region.

Today’s inauguration ceremony includes participation from Jiangsu province government officials, representatives from the Danish General Consulate in Shanghai, as well as customers, suppliers and members of Hempel’s senior management.

“Today is truly a day to celebrate. Our teams, both here in Zhangjiagang and in Yantai, have put in a massive effort to make this happen and I am very proud of the results,” says Katarina Lindstroem, Hempel’s Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President. “Getting Zhangjiagang online is a major step towards better serving our customers in the Marine, Energy and Infrastructure sectors. This new location will significantly improve ‘time to market’ of both products and services – especially at the shipyards along the Yangtze,” adds Katarina.

With the majority of the world’s marine newbuild business located in China, and over 50% of Chinese shipyards located in a 200km radius around Zhangjiagang, antifouling coatings are in high demand. Shipowners and charterers around the world are in constant pursuit of fuel efficiency, which has resulted in an exponential growth in sales of silicone-based, antifouling coatings like Hempel’s Hempagurad.

The Zhangjiagang factory will gradually increase capacity to reach 100 million litres annually in 2025, with the potential to further increase production to meet future demand.

Hempel's new Zhangjiagang factory

Hempel’s new Zhangjiagang factory

Facts & figures on Hempel in Zhangjiagang:

  • Number of employees: 150
  • Expected capacity in 2025: approx. 100m litres/annum
  • Land size: 136,097m2
  • Building footprint:  37,761m2 [