Hempel introduces carbon footprint data on Product Data Sheets

Dec 13, 2023 | Featured Article, News

Hempel is committed to supporting its customers on their sustainability journeys, and as part of its Double Impact strategy, aims to hold sustainability leadership positions in its chosen segments. By providing sustainability data alongside its solutions, Hempel is sending a strong signal to its customers that it has a clear focus on sustainability. 

Sustainability Product Scorecards are a tool to quickly and easily measure the overall environmental impact of various paint systems. A comprehensive evaluation of the sustainability issues facing the coatings industry resulted in the selection of eight metrics, included in the Scorecard. 

Sustainability Product Scorecards are available for all of Hempel’s products, providing its customers with sustainability decision-points when deciding on which Hempel solution to choose. To support our customers further, Carbon Footprint Data has now been included on the Product Data Sheets of over 160 products, spanning the Marine, Energy and Infrastructure assortments. The ambition is to cover all Hempel’s solutions in the Marine, Energy and Infrastructure industries in the first quarter of 2024.

“Sustainability is not only our journey,” explains Monica Li Avram, Director, Solution Management – Infrastructure at Hempel A/S. “We see an increased number of requests from our customers on detailed sustainability data on our solutions, both as a requirement for their projects, or as a differentiator. We have been providing our customers with the Carbon Footprint Data related to their annual spend or a specific project for a while now. It was a natural next step to include the information directly on our Product Data Sheets.” 

The scope of the Carbon Footprint on the Product Data Sheets includes raw materials, in-bound transport to the Hempel factory, Hempel manufacturing processes, and any Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) emitted during and after the application of the product, thereby accounting for the most significant impacts across the value chain. 

“We planted a seed a few years ago, to develop a Sustainability Product Scorecard to account for Environment, Circularity and Chemicals metrics across our product assortment, using a Life Cycle Assessment approach where relevant. Sharing sustainability data in this way enables fair comparison, allowing our customers to consider both the efficiency and durability of Hempel’s coatings systems,” says Emily Adair, Senior Sustainability Project Manager. “Our customers have welcomed the transparency and the Scorecard is actively used across our company from customer engagements to steering the course for our future solutions. The tree has grown to include Carbon Footprint Reports for our customers, and this new section on our Product Data Sheet puts the data directly into their hands.”