“HMG Is still operating throughout the Coronavirus, although some staff have been furloughed,” states Stephen ‘Paddy’ Dyson, Marketing Manager for HMG Paints Ltd.

HMG is taking a whole host of measures to maintain worker/client safety, and following guidance from the Government and Public Health Service. “This includes mandatory hand washing, operating social distancing policies, allowing staff to work from home where possible, rearranging of workspaces and obviously the continued use of PPE,” explains Dyson.

HMG is currently operating at around 60% Capacity. “However, this is constantly monitored and capacity is adjusted based on customer demand,” says Dyson.  “A key driver is the customer mix, a number of customers have closed, but HMG continues to produce paints and coatings for many critical industries. The paints supplied have been utilised in the UK’s Nightingale Hospitals, on medical equipment, communications equipment and commercial vehicles that are keeping goods moving across the country at this time.
“Additionally, we have also started manufacturing hand sanitiser that contains over 70% alcohol, this approach has allowed us to attract a whole new range of customers from healthcare providers, to warehouse operators and retail outlets.”

He told PCE-International; “Demand has been steady throughout the month, the team at HMG have been in regular contact with customers and coordinated with them to develop forecasts. This has allowed our customers to remain operational, and also allowed HMG to plan our production schedules to ensure a continued supply of paint to customers.

Covid-19 support

“The big way in which we’ve helped the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) is in the development of the First Thing Hand Sanitiser based on WHO recommended formulas,” says Dyson. “This has allowed those on the front line and in the most vulnerable situations to continue working. The First Thing Hand Sanitiser has been supplied to a number of medical facilities, care homes, charities and schools free of charge.”

He told PCE-International “Whilst no new digital products have been launched, we have seen a +923% increase in orders via the eCommerce store.

“No special incentives are currently being offered to simulate business, as always we work alongside our customers to provide the best service, and that approach, along with our manufacturing flexibility has stimulated business on its own.”