HMG’s launches a tint above the rest

Apr 5, 2023 | Featured Article, News

Across a myriad of industries, HMG Paints, the UK’s leading independent paint manufacturer, is known for its paints and coatings. However, the company is also in a unique position in that it also manufactures its own range of colourants. Now the company has added to its portfolio with the launch of KROSS Tints.

The KROSS Tint range is a short oil alkyd solution for industrial coatings, providing colorants that are perfect for use in applications such as synthetic alkyds, DTMs, primer finishes and QAD products. The system, developed entirely in house, consists of 17 colourants that can be used to create a multitude of colours.

“When developing the KROSS Tint system we were focused on using the very best pigments to ensure our customers can produce the perfect colour every time,” explains Isla Taylor, HMG Paints R&D Chemist, who led the development of the new range. “The pigments selected have high weatherfastness and lightfastness ratings to ensure the colours are resistant to environmental effects.”

To support its distributor network and other paint brands, HMG is launching the KROSS Tint range with over 37,000 colour formulations available immediately. All the colours are available via HMG’s innovative ColourBase tinting software, which is compatible with both manual and automated tinting schemes.

KROSS Tints are also supported by HMG’s ColourBase Colour Box. The Colour Box contains 2,400 colour chips, displayed in chromatic order within 20 fan decks. Each of the 2,400 colours are obtained from a number of popular colour systems, including RAL, British Standard, Commercial Vehicle Fleet Colours, Agricultural, Afnor and more. Additionally, the box contains colours with chromatic continuity to ensure that distributors can find the perfect colour for every customer.

Increase in supply

Chaos in the aftermath of the pandemic, company mergers and acquisitions and ongoing supply chain issues in the colorants industry has led to HMG seeing a significant increase in supplying colourants to other UK paint brands, who produce paints for decorative and industrial applications. KROSS Tint isn’t just limited to use for HMG’s distributor network, but the new range of colorants is available for other paints and coatings manufacturers to use in their own products.

The new system joins HMG’s other colourants and tinting systems, which include UNIT, UNICOM, WXSperse, UXsperse, Double Based and MSH. The development of these colorant systems allows HMG to support businesses in a wide range of industries. This is particularly evident with the MSH range of colourants, which is becoming increasingly popular with designer decorative paint brands.

Designed for high-end decorative and architectural products, the 15 colourants of the MSH range are used in HMG’s own product portfolio and by customers who require high performing and consistent colour production. The MSH colourants are low VOC and NPE and APE free, meaning they are better for the environment and exceed the demands of current environmental legislation.

Like all HMG’s products, the colourants are manufactured at its headquarters in Manchester. With HMG’s unique position as a British-based coatings and colourant manufacturer, it is able to supply products quickly to customers across a number of industries. All of HMG’s products are Made in Britain accredited and available in a wide range of pack sizes.

KROSS Tints are compatible with HMG systems including 1K DTM, SPS, HB48, QAD Enamel, C71 Speedline and Stoving Enamel, amongst other systems.