A gleaming superyacht is an impressive thing, easily admired for its gorgeous exterior lines and sumptuous interior. However, behind all the polish and beauty is a whole other, equally extraordinary, world of remarkable technical spaces, ranging from the engine room and generator spaces to storage areas and liquid tanks, explains Colin Mason, Technical Manager CCS

Even the best tanks have a limited lifecycle; 10-20 years is a reasonable expectation. In other words, sooner or later, your vessel will need the tanks to be re-painted.

The cost of coating new tanks is high – possibly the most expensive of any coating per square metre if everything is included – but is simplified by the fact that the tanks are only just being built. In the construction process, the tanks are painted as quickly as possible before all the equipment is built on top and the interior fitted.

Tank repair – whether required during service, or decided during a refit – is much more difficult.

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