Interpon helps DFV accelerate its sustainability plans

Dec 12, 2023 | Featured Article, News

With the importance of sustainability growing, and architects demanding lighter, more natural tones and wood-effect finishes from their suppliers, DFV – the Italian aluminium coating business – is partnering with AkzoNobel Powder Coatings to keep the business out in front by using an innovative Interpon powder coating technology that can make aluminium look like wood.  

With a long history of supporting the industrial sector, DFV is now also recognised as a leader in architectural aluminum facades and exteriors, creating designs to the high standards and colour specifications that architects and designers require. Its successful partnership with Interpon means that its facades, window systems and exterior doors that feature a wood-effect finish are currently its strongest USP, and even promoted under its own ‘Ezy’ range brand.  

The secret to the company’s transformation is Interpon D WGF, a powder coating that enables designers to achieve a wood grain effect by using ‘powder on powder’ technology patented by DFV. A major advantage is that it overcomes the design constraints that ‘real’ wood presents in terms of its weight and consistency of finish. It means items such as windows, doors, screens, shutters, and louvres can be transformed to present all the natural beauty and warm aesthetic appearance of wood but without the labour-intensive and costly aftercare requirements associated with choosing a natural finish. 

DFV and AkzoNobel are by no means strangers to one another. It’s a partnership that spans a quarter of a century and the AkzoNobel team supports DFV across three continents. As well as Interpon D WGF, DFV also uses Interpon D STF, a special powder that uses printed films and sublimation technology to deliver the special wood effect designers are looking for.  

Despite global challenges, DFV continues to grow. It also continues to focus on reducing emissions and embracing sustainability in every part of its business.  

 Remco Maassen van den Brink, Marketing Director Powder Coatings at AkzoNobel says Interpon’s outstanding durability is crucial: “The durability of Interpon Architectural coatings is proven by the Qualicoat Class 2 and 3 certifications. When DFV’s customers see this, they know they’re buying a product that is sustainable and will last for generations.”  

Martina Montinaro, Innovation and Sustainability  Manager at DFV, calls this thinking ‘innovability’ inspired by the philosophy of merging innovation and sustainability to achieve business growth: “To innovate products and concepts in a world where the damaging effects of climate change are visible, sustainability must be at its core. To work with AkzoNobel, a business that echoes our ethos, is a joy, and it shows in the astonishing products we can offer to our customers across the globe.” 

Luciano De Francesco, President of DFV agrees: “Through the common goals of strengthening innovative technologies, a commitment to sustainable practices and the power of global partnership, I’m confident that with the AkzoNobel team by our side we will continue to have a future protected by the coatings of tomorrow, today