Lockdown transformers

Sep 17, 2020 | News

2020 has been an unprecedented year for businesses large and small, and Manchester based HMG Paints have utilised their agile structure to speed up and implement part of their digital transformation strategy within the COVID lockdown months. The goal for the transformation projects was to improve engagement and service levels to customers during an uncertain time for businesses.

At HMG, “the senior management board had already identified key projects in our Digital Transformation Roadmap, but COVID has meant we’ve brought forward and implemented a number of projects ahead of schedule,” comments Paddy Dyson, Marketing Manager. “What is even more fantastic is that all of the new projects have been developed internally without the need for exterior agencies or developers.”

As lockdown news was breaking in the UK in mid-March the company acted swiftly to open communication channels with customers and staff. A key tool the company developed was a cloud based live customer tracker which sales representatives and senior managers could view and update at the same time. The tracker allowed the business to monitor which of its customers were open or closed and their current business situation and needs, the information was then passed on to production and operations to plan production schedules. This information and communication were even more vital as the UK began to come out of lockdown as HMG worked closely with customers to ensure a smooth transition out of lockdown ensuring customers had paint available when they needed it and service levels remained high.

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