The official opening of Lomon Billions’ new sales and technical services office in Shanghai was held today, marked by a ribbon-cutting ceremony hosted by Haiming Qu, Assistant to the CEO and Executive Deputy General Manager of Sales.

The new office is located at CITIC Plaza in central Shanghai on the East bank of the Huangpu river, just 43 kilometers and 45 minutes’ drive from Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

The ceremony was attended by Ruiqing Tan, Vice Chairman of Lomon Billions Group, Ge Yao, Assistant to the Chairman, Ran Xu, Assistant to the CEO, Zhaoxia Yan, General Manager of Lomon Billions Trading Company and Yurong Zhang, Director of Lomon Billions’ Research Institute in Jiaozuo.

At the ceremony Tan said, “Since the merger between Lomon and Billions, the business has developed rapidly. Last year we acquired Xinli Titanium Industry and our current titanium dioxide pigment production capacity now exceeds 1 million tonnes making us one of the world’s top three titanium dioxide pigment manufacturers and No.1 in Asia.

We are a global company. Our products are sold to many countries and regions around the world. The proportion of our TiO2 pigment sales that is exported has continuously exceeded 50% for many years. It is currently around 75-80%. Within the next three to five years our annual TiO2 sales target will exceed more than 1 million tonnes.

With the rapid development of the company our sales and technology teams will grow considerably. Our production sites are located in Jiaozuo, Deyang, Xiangyang, Chuxiong and Panzhihua. Our new office in Shanghai, China’s international metropolis, centralises our sales and technical services teams.

The global market demands a first-class global customer service. Our Shanghai location will attract commercial and technical talent to help us achieve continuous improvement in sales and R&D, support the company’s continued healthy and sustainable development, and further enhance the Group’s international competitiveness.

We continue to invest in the future to grow our production capacity and to strengthen our integrated supply chain.”