Navigating the COVID-19 crisis

Sep 17, 2020 | News

Cortec Corporation, USA based global anticorrosion technology manufacturer, together with its European daughter company, EcoCortec based in Croatia, has been navigating the COVID-19 crisis pretty successfully so far.

Ana Juraga, Public Relations at Cortec, explains; “During this pandemic we are learning quickly how to alter our services to the specific market needs and adapt as much as possible to the circumstances. Cortec’s management is doing this by smart business analysis and a good strategy for current situations, as well as the future. Cortec is a company built on a strong base with quality technologies and variety of products aimed for different industries.”

The company has definitely seen a shift in the type of corrosion inhibiting products people are interested in. For example, demand for certain products that are typically used by the auto industry are naturally down, while demand for other products has increased. Inquiries about layup and preservation are growing and, in light of the pandemic shutdowns and market repercussions, Cortec has also been publishing a range of detailed preservation guides for those facing the layup of grounded aircraft, idle ships, oil and gas rigs, and commercial and institutional facilities. Admittedly, overall demand has been down as a natural reflection of the overall US decline in GDP over the shutdown, but Cortec has already seen a slight rebound in sales, along with other promising signs of a comeback as things open up more.

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