Materials science company Dow have introduced two innovations to simplify formulation of water-based, high temperature resistant industrial coatings.

“We continue to combine our deep knowledge of silicone chemistry with our unique experience of water-based coating formulation, to bring innovations to the market that help our customers enhance the competitiveness of their formulations,” said Isabelle Riff, marketing manager for silicone coatings. “We innovate to address strong market trends driving demand for high-performing, water-based formulations that respond to tighter environmental requirements.”

DOWSIL 8016 Waterborne Resin is a new generation silicone resin emulsion for high temperature resistant waterborne coating systems, with low contribution to odour and emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It offers high temperature resistance up to 500-600°C and elevated coating hardness for metal substrates protection. It is suitable for air drying with appropriate condensation catalysts.

The resin achieves high paint performance and aesthetics without solvent or coalescent[1], therefore enabling exceptional sustainability profile and facilitated environmental compliance compared to traditional solvent-based formulations. As concerted efforts to limit VOC emissions are ongoing across the industry, this innovation enables formulators of high temperature resistant coatings to meet increasingly stringent requirements.

Xavier Mollat Du Jourdin, technical support and development manager, will present the specifics of this novel waterborne coating silicone resin and demonstrate its performance attributes in oven-cured paints during a dedicated webinar on Wednesday April 22, 2020 at 10 a.m. Eastern Time. Participants are invited to register online.

Dow is also announcing DOWSIL 107F Additive, a new generation foam control agent combining improved compatibility with optimal performance at low dosage in water borne coatings. A formulated defoamer based on silicone polyether and hydrophobic silica, the additive is designed for formulations serving the architectural, wood, and metal coatings segments.