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Sep 17, 2021 | News

PCE International is a leading quarterly Protective Coatings publication. We focus on bringing news from the booming international Protective and Marine Coatings markets.

We start conversations, bring news and product updates from leaders in the industry, and make PCE the best resource for Protective Coatings Everywhere.

Who we are

PCE instigates a global dialogue between suppliers, engineers, contractors and the coatings end user. Including bridges, ships, oil and gas facilities, offshore structures, power facilities, transport. Plus, we cover every type of industrial plant.

Furthermore, we explore links between Protective Coatings and the wider audience. Shedding light on the crossover with technology, innovation, design and art.

Protective Coatings Editorial

In addition to the published editorial programme, every issue will cover: News, Case Studies, Product Innovations and Standards Updates. And, as a leading Protective Coatings Magazine, we are continuing with our thought-provoking series “Lifting the Lid”. Importantly, this focusses on comment and opinion from industry leaders.


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