Simon Haas, Senior Research Scientist at Promethean Particles, demonstrates the power of small in next-gen industrial coatings

They say the smallest things can make the biggest difference and they don’t come much smaller than nanoparticles.
While nanoparticles may seem like the science of the future to many, the concept of manipulating and controlling individual atoms and molecules has been discussed by scientists and researchers for the past 60 years.
In industrial coatings, nanomaterials are used to impart advantageous physico-chemical properties such as increased fluidity, abrasion resistance, pigmentation, water repellence anti-icing, fire retardance, UV protection and anti-microbial performance that cannot be achieved from other additives. Functionality can be optimised even further by creating different, more complex nanostructures such as spheres, cubes and rods that yield additional benefits to the coating itself and the surface it is applied to. Furthermore, by mixing nanomaterials together, multiple benefits can be accomplished in the same coating.

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