New textured resin coating

New textured resin coating

Royal DSM has announced the release of Skins Sandy, the newest addition to its Skins range of haptic coating resins. Like the other Skins resins, Sandy will enable brand owners and convertors to differentiate their products by adding an extra layer of sensory experience.

New solvent-free epoxy for ballast tanks

Following many years of extensive prototype trials in field tests, Chugoku Marine Paints, Ltd., (CMP) is ready to launch a new solvent-free epoxy coating that can be applied to water ballast tanks (WBT) with standard application equipment that meets new Korean...

Lasers to defeat barnacles?

Anti-fouling, ‘hydrophobic’ metal or plastic surfaces, engraved by a new laser technology being developed by European scientists, could soon replace the toxic varnishes used in ship coatings to stop algae or barnacles sticking to hulls – reducing...