Teknos has launched a new two-component, direct-to-metal
polyurethane paint Teknodur Combi 340 for corrosion protection,
with excellent mechanical abrasion and weather resistance and
uncompromising colour and gloss retention.

In its category, Teknodur Combi 340 is a very high solids and low VOC product.
Developed in close cooperation with a
 customer, the new steel coating allows painting
 wet on wet with selected primers, boosting 
production and enabling faster throughput time
 for two-layer systems with only one-time curing.

Teknodur Combi 340 is a coating suitable
for steel surfaces, and an excellent choice in
terms of surface appearance for machines and 
equipment operated in agriculture, forestry and 
steel construction, among other industries.
The new product was developed in very
 close cooperation with our customer, ensuring
 that needs are answered the best possible way.
 According to customer statements, Teknodur
340 paint film sprays very evenly, and closely
 resembles a powder-coated surface in terms of its stable gloss, hardness and appearance,
having excellent mechanical, chemical and 
weather resistance properties.

“We have had no quality problems since we 
started using the 340,” says Hannu Tarvainen,
Surface Treatment Specialist, Ponsse Oyj. “With
 this product it is possible to get as high as C4
medium with a one-layer system. Adhesion
 has been excellent and we are very happy with 
the surface quality as well as the corrosion
 protection the product provides.”

The Wille group of multipurpose tractor type
 machines for the environmental management 
and maintenance of urban areas comprises
five models ranging from 2 to 7 tonnes. As
such, their requirements include especially
 high wear and weather resistance as well as
 a good appearance. The solution for coating 
challenging hydraulic cylinders turned out to be
Teknos’ newly launched low-solvent Teknodur
Combi 340 polyurethane paint, which has good 
levelling and whose paint film resembles that 
of a powder-coated surface in terms of gloss,
hardness and appearance. The new high solids
 polyurethane paint is excellent for painting small
 challenging parts.

The small, complex parts are painted at
 Vilakone by hand using liquid paints. “All pieces 
painted with liquid paint are small, round and
challenging to coat. The new Teknodur Combi
340 polyurethane paint is very easy to paint
with; it would require much “plastering” to make
it drip,” explains Heikki Ketola of Vilakone Oy.
 One bracket has space for 10 cylinders, and
 painting them is quickly done. “Currently, we
rotate the cylinders 90° when painting them,
 but our goal is to adjust the hanging so that 
the cylinders can rotate half a turn at a time.
This way the painting process will become even
 quicker,” says Ketola.

The hydraulic cylinders of the Wille environmental 
management and maintenance machines have
to endure hard mechanical wear no matter the
Powder coatings are known for their even
and hard surfaces. “For a liquid paint, Teknodur
Combi 340 polyurethane paint levels extremely 
well, and its surface matches that of powder
paint in terms of gloss and hardness,” explains
Ketola. “When the priming is good and the
nozzle is not worn, it yields an excellent surface.
Only an expert can distinguish which piece has
been painted with powder paint and which piece with the 340 polyurethane paint,” he
 explains. “The 340 is very good in terms of 
its mechanical durability,” says Ketola, “and
in terms of its weather resistance,” adds Jan
Åkerlund, Teknos.

Heikki Ketola at Vilakone Oy praises Teknos’
teamwork. “Collaboration with Teknos has been 
easy,” explains Ketola. “We have been given 
technical support any time we have needed it.
The training offered by Teknos has been very
 important for us – especially for our younger 
painters who have participated in the training.
They have all been full of enthusiasm when they
 have come back from it.” ■