Extremely matt, scratch-resistant and a very energy-rich emission with low penetration depth – these are the core characteristics of Excimer technology, which is making its way into more and more industrial sectors and applications. The technology is to be showcased by UV equipment manufacturer IST Metz will at April’s PaintExpo in Karlsruhe, Germany.

At a wavelength of 172nm, a polymerization process starts in the uppermost part of a layer of UV-curing coating. Due to the comparatively low penetration depth of UV radiation, this process leaves a micro-folded film on the wet coating without affecting deeper layers of coating. These can be cured using conventional UV technologies. Since Excimer lamps are cold light sources, heat-sensitive materials such as plastics and thin films can also be treated.

The most economic UV systems of its kind
With the BLK LAMPcure, IST Metz will be showing the best-selling UV systems of up to 2.30m in an industrial environment. It has been developed to meet the highest industrial requirements and has been scoring points for many years for its reliability and performance. The water-cooled BLK unit is currently in its seventh generation. It convinces with a significant increase in drying performance compared to air-cooled UV systems without increasing the lamp output. The BLK has always been capable of outputs of more than 200W/cm an, thanks to its slim design can be integrated into existing machines in the direction of throughput.

High-performance LED technology for industrial applications
With the LEDcure, IST Metz has developed a water-cooled high-performance LED system that scores points with its extremely robust and compact design. The LEDcure is based on a modular principle, which guarantees the user variability and versatile use. The system is freely scalable in length and can be adapted to different machine formats and installation situations.

UV curing adhesives and resins are used particularly in complex assembly and manufacturing solutions where controlled curing and immediate handling stability are essential. With the HANDcure, IST Metz will also be presenting a mobile and battery-powered LED handheld unit for spot and area curing at PaintExpo. It has a spectral range from 365nm to 415nm and with its basic weight of 1.0kg, makes fatigue-free work possible.