As one of the leading off-site blasting and painting applicators specialising in intumescent coatings, Vale Protective Coatings strive to 
stay at the forefront of technological advancements. Using the latest coatings and techniques is integral to support their offer of ‘unrivalled service’ to their customers in the steel construction industry.

With a history of supporting trials for  new products, Vale were the ideal partner to test Hempel‘s new Hempafire  Pro 315 Fast Dry.
The purpose of the trial was to prove that Hempafire Pro 315 Fast Dry applies more efficiently, significantly increasing productivity without compromising coating quality. “It actually applied better than the current market leader,” explains Ashley Lowe, Commercial Director, Vale Protective Coatings Ltd.

To determine the application properties and efficiency of the new Hempafire Pro 315 Fast Dry in the field, with expert applicators who are specifically used to handling and applying intumescent coatings.

The customer was delighted during the trials, not only at the performance during application and subsequent time savings, but also with the high quality, professional finish. The customer believes that working with Hempel and Hempafire Pro 315 Fast Dry will add to their offering, making them more competitive in the marketplace.
 The main benefits were highlighted as faster drying times due to lower loadings, which lead to earlier overcoating and handling, as well as increased efficiency that resulted in significant time savings.

Hempafire Pro 315 Fast Dry covers all steel profiles, which negates the need to carry additional stock of other materials – another advantage that saves space, cost and time. All this makes Hempafire Pro 315 Fast Dry a very versatile and applicator-friendly intumescent coating. “The ease at which it applied, and the finished aesthetic are just two of the features which will help make us more competitive in the marketplace,” says Lowe.

As a customer for just over four years, Vale Protective Coatings were also keen to add, “The service is very good, we always get paint delivered when we should do, and the Technical Service guys are there to answer questions as and whenever we need them to.”