Coatings manufactured by UK-based Flexcrete Technologies Limited have been used to protect the external walls of an impressive new headquarters building for Pauian Archiland, a Taiwanese-based company

The multi-storey building is located in Taipei, Taiwan, and is owned by Pauian Archiland which operates across a number of market sectors including architecture and construction, design and engineering, logistics, advertising, restaurants and sports. The company even owns a semi-professional basketball team known as the Pauian Archiland Basketball Team which plays in the Super Basketball League of Taiwan.
The new HQ is glass-fronted and also composed of concrete construction. A durable, aesthetic, anti-carbonation coating was required for application to the new concrete walls totalling 2,400m2 to provide them with effective weatherproofing properties and protection against carbon dioxide diffusion. The coating needed to be able to withstand harsh climatic conditions, with hot, humid summer months and typhoon conditions between June and October.
Flexcrete’s distributor in Taiwan, Parallel Industrial Co, Ltd, recommended a Flexcrete coatings package in order to enhance the exterior of the building. Flexcrete’s Monodex coatings were specified as they offer decorative, anti-carbonation protection and can extend the life expectancy of both newly constructed and existing buildings. With water-based, low hazard, high build formulations, they are ultra-fast drying, enabling two coat applications on the same
day even in inclement weather conditions.
They incorporate an active in-film fungicide which inhibits the growth of mould, fungi and lichens and remain unaffected by exposure to direct sunlight, ensuring buildings maintain a bright, clean appearance for many years.
In order to achieve the required appearance, the first coat comprised Monodex Textured – a highly engineered, waterborne, single component, acrylic-based decorative wall coating with an attractive textured finish. Following this, a coat of Monodex Ultra was applied. Monodex Ultra is an elastomeric, water-based coating with a smooth finish. Like Monodex Textured, it provides excellent protection against carbonation and water ingress. Its vapour permeable nature allows damp substrates to breathe and dry out without blistering of the coating. Both coats were applied by spray to achieve a high quality finish.
Monodex Textured and Monodex Ultra are both CE-Marked in accordance with the demands of EN 1504 Part 2 and can be relied upon with absolute confidence. They are available in a range of both standard and special colours, of which grey was chosen for this project.
New crack-bridging filler and coating
In order to meet customer demand, Flexcrete Technologies Limited has launched a new elastomeric, intermediate crack-bridging filler and coating for use on concrete structures and buildings where enhanced cracking-bridging properties are required.
Monodex ICB is supplied as a ready-mixed paste for ease of use and is highly cost-effective as it does not require the use of substrate or inter-laying priming. It is designed for use in conjunction with Flexcrete’s Monodex anti-carbonation membranes and is capable of bridging existing cracks up to 1mm underneath the coating.
Chris Lloyd, Director of Flexcrete Technologies Limited said: “Several of our customers were seeking an economical product that is able to bridge cracks and fill pores, cavities and blowholes prior to the application of our Monodex coatings. Traditionally reinforcing tape would have been incorporated to bridge cracks in these instances, but Monodex ICB removes the need for any type of reinforcement and it is very quick and easy to apply by trowel, or by roller or spray when diluted with water.
“One other great advantage of Monodex ICB is that it is rapid-curing and used as part of a three-coat system in conjunction with our Monodex anti-carbonation coatings. Alternative products require the use of primers and multiple other coats, but Monodex ICB is applied directly to the substrate which makes it an economical and time efficient option. It ensures enhanced performance of the complete Flexcrete system and ensures even greater anti-carbonation protection as Monodex ICB itself has excellent anti-carbonation properties,” he continued.
As Monodex ICB is water-based, it has minimal VOC levels and releases ultra-low odour during application, making it ideal for use in sensitive or enclosed environments. Typical applications include outdoor exposed concrete surfaces with a high risk of cracking, commercial buildings, residential housing, hotels, offices and industrial buildings and fast-track construction or refurbishment projects.