SCHLENK Metallic Pigments, producer of effect pigments, has released a new effect pigment for automotive and waterborne coatings.

“Zenexo® GoldenShine WB 21 YY is based on UTP®-Technology which can be considered a breakthrough in effect pigment technology, especially for automotive paint applications”, says Dr. Frank J. Maile, Global Technical Director BU Effect Pigments.

“For the first time, this new technology enables effect pigments pigments with excellent hiding power, superior flop, and unrestricted safety in terms of transport, storage, and use as a non-hazardous material in powder delivery form.”

The latest surface treatment technology, called WB, is a special treatment to enhance the excellent weathering and humidity resistance properties of Zenexo®.

The first effect pigment “Zenexo® GoldenShine 21 YY” was launched in 2017. The product has been successfully integrated into several high-end applications such as luxury leather coatings, premium powder coatings, extravagance architectural coatings and high-value consumer packaging applications. Applicators praised novel color styling possibilities, e.g., by mixing Zenexo® GoldenShine 21 YY pigments with high transparent in-/organic color pigments.