SteriTouch have been working alongside Thermaset Ltd for over a year, developing innovative coatings such as a nylon-modified antimicrobial powder coat for improved durability in hospital trollies, where infection prevention is key. This type of powder coat is particularly useful in devices such as medical furniture, radiator casings and anywhere else where a more robust solution is required.

Thermaset Ltd is one of the UK’s leading powder coating specialists based in Tamworth, Staffordshire. With over 30 years’ experience formulating, manufacturing and suppling powder coating, their stock range has over 600 products in a variety of colours, finishes and types. Thermaset ltd also provide a bespoke colour matching service to ensure 100% confidence in the finished product.

Thermaset Ltd put great importance on working with companies that mirror their own ethos. This sits perfectly with SteriTouch, as our aim is to work with like-minded individuals who are passionate about delivering the very best products and services possible.

Ben Jennens, Marketing Manager of Thermaset ltd, commented: “When looking for a supplier of antimicrobial additives, we instantly recognised SteriTouch as a great company with a strong brand. After holding meetings at both companies, it became very clear that SteriTouch are a business of integrity and hold very similar values to that of our own.

We look forward to working jointly on existing and future projects, and believe that our partnership
with SteriTouch and their team will be of great benefit to both companies. More importantly, it will
mean that we will be able to focus on product development that will offer greater solutions for our
customers’ requirements.”