A leading galvanizing business has created a new team of staff focused on customer care.

Edward Howell Galvanizers Ltd is keen to enhance its reputation for top-notch service and has restructured part of its 100-strong workforce to establish a dedicated team responsible for driving the highest possible standards for clients of the Wednesfield plant.

Works Manager Anita Bate said: “Customer service has always been a priority for us and we think it’s one of the areas that sets us apart from our competitors. But the creation of a dedicated team will help us take that to a different level.

“It will ensure every area of the business, from our processes and procedures to communication, is the very best it can be – and that each department is working together to deliver our aims.

“The ‘Brand Promise’ team will take responsibility for customer experience, look closely at what we’re doing and identify any areas that can be improved.”

The team of six, featuring groups focused on ‘Quality’ and ‘Production’, will be co-ordinated by Danielle Platt – one of three women promoted to key roles.

Jane Mobberley will support Danielle in her new role and Sarah Foster has been promoted to the Production team.

Danielle, formerly a Production Administrator, said: “These new roles will have a direct impact on our operations.

“The team will be championing the Brand Promise and ensuring that what the company sets out to achieve for customers is actually being delivered.

“There’s a lot involved and it will be an exciting challenge for me – I’m really looking forward to it.”

The move is part of an initiative run by Wedge Group Galvanizing which sets out a vision for the entire business based on core values of integrity, caring, trusted and continuous improvement.

The ‘Brand Promise’ element of the framework looks specifically at customer service and calls for flexible commitment to needs, the fulfilment of promises and improvement of experiences across its nationwide network of plants.

Wedge Group Galvanizing carries out customer surveys to gauge the effectiveness of its service and obtains a Net Promoter Score (NPS) to measure the willingness of customers to recommend it.

The management tool produces an index (from -100 to 100) and Edward Howell Galvanizers has achieved an average score of 45 this year – meaning its service is considered ‘excellent’.

Chris Woolridge, managing director, said: “We operate in a service industry and our customers, who after all can choose any provider, put great value on excellent service.

“Our ultimate aim is to become the UK galvanizer of choice for customers, suppliers and employees – and our Brand Promise is designed to help us achieve our goal.

“It’s an ongoing commitment that sets out where we need to be in relation to customer service, that ensures we listen and implement any necessary changes.

“The establishment of dedicated teams at our plants, such as the one at Edward Howell, is a great step in the right direction.”