When it comes to flexible coatings HMG Paints’ PVC range is utilised across a range of plastic and difficult to coat surfaces, in a number of industries across the UK and Ireland. The latest addition to the range, PVC17, has been specially formulated to maximise throughput whilst minimising environmental impact enabling compliance with the latest legislation.

As a premium 1K Vinyl Acrylic Topcoat the product offers superior adhesion and flexibility and has been specifically design for direct application to plastic substrates such as vinyl curtains and window and doors. PVC17 was developed in association with leading manufacturers within the commercial vehicle industry for application to PVC materials, selected plastics and other difficult-to-coat substrates.

“By working closely with our partners we’ve developed PVC17 to add superior value to their operations, not just in terms of product quality, but by improving throughput efficiency and reducing environmental impact.” said Steve Crossman, HMG Technical Director. “PVC17 brings a number of benefits over existing products on the market.”

Formulated to adhere strongly to rigid and flexible plasticised surfaces, it is ideal for such applications as Plastisol architectural cladding, automotive interior trim, ABS plastics, PVC roofing and lorry side curtains.

Thanks to HMG’s UNIT LITE tinting system PVC17 is available in virtually limitless colours including RAL, BS & Commercial Transport colours and three gloss levels direct from HMG or via its nationwide distribution network. The option to provide a near limitless choice of colours allows users the ability to ensure consistent brand image is maintained across a number of difficult to coat substrates and with excellent flow properties and adhesion, PVC17 is perfect for demanding graphic applications.

PVC17 can be applied by brush or spray, drying rapidly to a highly durable film and offering outstanding light fastness and colour retention.