Solvay Novecare, worldwide leader in specialty surfactants and specialty monomers, will be featuring a line of new products at the European Coatings Show. The products are designed to meet unmet needs for binder systems, colorants and performance in coatings systems.

The new products provide benefits for development of formulations intended for architectural paints for buildings, industrial coatings, adhesives and printing inks. Benefits include: exceptional emulsion stability, excellent particle size control, improved adhesion to difficult substrates, enhanced ease of use superior pigment wetting and dispersion, better color acceptance and workability, eco-friendly solutions or overall improvement in film performance, such as high scrub, stain and water resistance, open-time or freeze-thaw improvement.

Solvay’s new products featured at ECS 2017 are part of three main solutions:

Color Solutions, including the Eco-friendly Rhodoline® WA 265N, Rhodoline® 3000 and Rhodoline® 4000 series wetting and dispersing agents
Binder Solutions, such as the Rhodafac® and Aerosol® emulsifiers and functional monomers, new Sipomer® PAM 600 for improved adhesion and Sipomer® COPS series for improved scrub and mechanical stability
Performance Solutions, including the new Rhodoline® OTE 600 Open Time Extender and new Rhodoline® FT 100 Xtrim Freeze Thaw Stability additives.

Solvay will also be presenting two technical conferences during the show.

“The coatings industry is growing even more demanding for solutions that offer greater performance and align with social and environmental best practices. Our mission is to meet and exceed the specific demands our clients make on their products, by providing them with solutions that deliver properties superior to those traditionally found in the market,” said Sel Avci, Global Marketing Director for Coatings.