The SSPC has issued an update for members on its ongoing discussions with NACE leadership regarding a possible combined association.

For 70 years, SSPC and NACE have represented distinct parts of the asset protection industry. Both organizations have developed industry-respected standards, provided education and training to professionals serving many functions, and contributed to the advancement of the technical and practical knowledge critical to protecting the world’s infrastructure. In many instances, we have collaborated to the benefit of our industry.

2018 brought together representatives of both organisations to discuss the possibility of combining both organizations in an effort to better serve the industry and avoid duplication of effort. Throughout 2019, representatives met several times for in-depth discussions to discover the feasibility of a combined association and the mutual benefits it would provide to the SSPC and NACE members, as well as the broader industry.

As 2020 begins, the SSPC update invites members to share opinions about the discussions through their Board member or through the SSPC website.

In the meantime indications of potential warmth was demonstrated when the NACE New Orleans Section invited members of SSPC to participate in their annual Christmas party.