Lifting the Lid on Covid-19 response – LATEST UPDATES


LiftingTheLid on the latest Coronavirus updates from paints and coatings related companies around the world. LiftingTheLid should be the first place and only place you look to find out companies are coping with the Covid-19 pandemic, and what services they currently have on offer. Find out what companies are opening up for business (if closed) and what safety precautions they are taking to protect staff and clients.

See the latest updates from:- Lomon Billions, Graco, AlpAccess, AkzoNobel, BCF, Wacker, Coltraco Ultrasonics, Corrodere Academy, HMG, PPG and Hempel

There are also updates from: – Clariant, Promethean Particles, Cortec Corporation, Nippon Paint , Oxea, HMG, SIFCO ASC, and Covestro

Check out the latest news here:- LiftingTheLid

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